Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rehoboth Ranch Open House Field Day 2011

We were up really late both Saturday and Sunday night getting ready for Monday...
Sleepy peepers!
...Let's wrap some soap!

Pleas, putting together the Kaleidoscopes.


The 2011 Rehoboth Ranch Open House Field Day!
Our Booth~

Debbie and Adrienne
(Thank you Mr. Coleman, for taking this photo!)

Jam anyone?
All our jam is Organic, and $6 each or 2 for $10
Peach Jam, Plumberry Jammy, Blueberry Jam,
Blackberry Jelly & Blueberry/Peach Jam.

We were having a soap making demo, but the wind made it impossible...

...but we had a flip book showing how we make soap.

Pleas, demonstrating wood turning.
(Yes, he does teach lessons.)

Thank you all for visiting our booth and supporting us!!! We had a great time meeting lots of new folks!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Possum Grape" Jelly!

What does it take to make Jelly?

Well, you need fruit, and here we are making Wild (Organic) "Possum Grape" Jelly!
Mr. Babb (our neighbor) was kind to bring us the grapes he harvested from the tree tops.
Teeny little guys- pick them all off. (a long tedious, sticky job.)

Cook 'em and squeeze them. You have to work fast, and wash up frequently, or the acid will cut into your hands like fiber glass. Ouch!!

Now for the easy part~ make the jelly, can it up and label the jars!