Sunday, June 30, 2013

The New Kids

 We got a few chickens for bug/grasshopper control:

The ducks are wondering: "Who are you?!?".  

2 of the cottontail bunnies were out at the same time. =)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Cottontail Bunnies

Last year the pair of cottontail bunnies had a baby...they hung out in our yard and we even got to watch the mama nursing the baby under the peach tree nearest to our back porch...we sat on the steps and enjoyed....Our ducks would go up to their fence and visit with them and watch was quite a sight to see...we'd know the bunnies were near when we saw the ducks up next to the fence visiting!  The baby used to hop back and forth through the duck's electric fencing!    

This year all three bunnies still come hang out every evening and into the night...our yard is a safe refuge for them and they don't seem to mind us sharing their space!  Debbie always says 'hi bunnies" to them as she walks through the yard or to the garden. 

Also this year there are three young ones that play "leap bunny" and "chase"!  

Our garden is safely fenced and we've never seen them eat anything in the various flower beds that we'd care good thing about not having a dog...yard bunnies.  =) 

One evening last week, one of "our" yard bunnies was just sitting in the back yard, facing the house, perfectly still listening to our music...."A Thousand Years", "Village Lantern", "The Motion Waltz", "Send Me On My Way", "If it's Love", "Barking at the Moon", "All Over Now", and the bunny left during an Ed Sheeran song. =)  Is a wild bunny listening to 7&1/2 songs a record? He was really cute~ a little statue- head just slightly cocked, not even chewing his cud! =)

The latest news!  Our "Yard Bunnies" had 4 baby bunnies! ♥ We are so happy and proud of them!  Pleas discovered them under the trees behind the compost bin and nestled in a deep pile of leaves!  So cute!  

 Watch your step!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Want some kids of your own?

 Remember our "We Went Visiting~" post?  I was asked how to connect with Rick, and phone is best.

Rick's number is 972-722-7545

Rick has some sweet kids-

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Debbie makes Sourdough...

To see the photos, how-to and recipe, please follow this link!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Golden Beets

 We ordered a 25 LB sack of Organic Golden Beets from Azure* this month. (We have never done that before.)  A 25 LB sack of beets is large!

 Debbie & Adrienne scrubbed almost all of them (a few are in the fridge for roasting another time), and then gave them a boiling water/cold water dip, to make them easier to peel. This process took longer than we thought it would, but it was not bad. The peeled beets looked like peaches! =)

Beets, boiling water, 1/2-1 teaspoon salt per quart jar and ONE INCH head space!  (we had beets left over, Debbie cooked & pickled them!)

Pressure can them....

 I'm not sure that Golden Beets are supposed to be canned- they lost all their color!  But we are now the proud owners of 6 quarts of beets, that will get turned into pickled beets later in the year.

*Azure is a buying club that delivers to Greenville once a month. They also deliver to Rockwall, and other places in the DFW Metroplex. (click here for info)