Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pleas bought some "Cabbage" plants (a really good deal),
at the end of the summer from Lowes.
After they grew awhile, we said they aren't making a head! =(
And then awhile later, we said: Cauliflower!!! =)

This is the first time we ever grew Cauliflower,
did you know that you can eat the leaves too?
Well you can- just cook them like you would any other greens! =)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

We went visiting~

~Rick Donaldson's Farm. Rick sells his own Homegrown Fresh Organic Produce at the Rockwall Farmer's Market, in Rockwall, Texas. (He also sells goats.) Hubby (Pleas) has been to visit Rick a few times, but this was our first trip. (Pleas was sick and missed out on the fun.)

The 3 "bottle-baby" Kids loved to suck on Adrienne's fingers...2 or 3 times she had more than one kid sucking at the same time, on the same hand! But they would stop when I got the camera out. :-(

Friends, Kids & Lunch in the Great Outdoors~ what could be better? (thanks Garry for taking this photo)

Rick and his little "bottle-baby" boy (after lunch)!