Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pork & Beans are happy pigs! =)

We got our very first pigs at the beginning of July.
Sorry that it took so long to post about them!

Recycled concrete walk to the pig pen.

Mom and piglets~ they had no shade. =(
We bought our piggies from Rose Creek Farm.

We are home!

(dirty pigs!)

They were very skittish at first, not at all socialized.
But they like us now, and I can play with their ears! =)

This is our first experience with four-footed livestock, and we are enjoying them a lot.

Wilbur Beans in the pig house~ made of good old fashioned wooden doors!

(clean pigs!)

"Charlotte" who lives on the gate now! (she moved in after the video was taken)

That's all folks!

Uncle Pork

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