Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Shopping...

...or just stocking up for your family:
we have almost all of our regular soaps available right now! =)

Our soaps are made with loving care. We are choosey about products our family uses and we make extra to have some available for you and your family. We choose a variety of soap making fats and oils (tallow, coconut, olive, and others) to get a nourishing, moisturizing bar that cleans well, but doesn't strip the skin. The tallow we use is from local, grass fed beef. Tallow makes for a longer lasting, harder bar of soap. One comment we hear over and over again is how long our soap lasts compared to others people have tried. Longer lasting soap makes the price an even better deal!

All soap is $4 a bar.
Here is a list of what we have available:

Sweet Orange
Old Fashioned Sulfur
Koala Mint (eucalyptus & spearmint)
Oatmeal and Honey
Goat Milk & Honey
French Green Clay
Enchanting Garden
Prairie Rose
Plain Jane
Barbershop Quartet
~Shaving soap~ Barbershop Quartet

And we have a long lasting "lotion bar in a tin" it is a wonderful, rich skin balm, perfect for winter dryness. I use it every night on my hands and lips, sometimes on elbows, feet, etc. and basically never need to use skin lotion. $8 each, or 2 for $14.
(This is a big tin, approx. 2 oz or 80 grams in weight.)

If you wish to place an order, please e-mail us at:

You could arrange to pick it up, or have us drop it off,
or we could mail it to you.
Shipping (flat rate USPS) is $5 for 4 items, and if you want more than that, you'll have to give us a minute so we can figure out how much it would be! =)

(...remember, we also have a nice selection of jams and jellies!)

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