Friday, August 21, 2015

Pesto Pasta Salad

Yum!  One 1/2 pint jar of basil pesto from the freezer....1 pound package of organic pasta from Costco, cherry tomatoes and sweet red peppers from our garden (I sauteed the peppers first), one pound + cubed mozzarella from Costco and some fresh Italian Romano and Parmesan cheese.... the pasta was too hot when I added the cheese and some of it melted into a gooey mess, but OH, WAS IT EVER GOOD!  Especially eaten right lost something when chilled and eaten later, but it was still good...with more Parmesan on top, of course!   We added black olives the first time we made this and we forgot this time! 

Pesto recipe:
(if you click on the recipe, it should pop-up larger) we've made it with pine nuts as well as walnuts....well, walnuts ARE cheaper! 

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