Thursday, April 20, 2017

Homemade Apple Wine

 We prefer our wine with added sparkling water.  It's just too strong to drink without it! 

  The organic apples (juice quality sweet apples from Azure Standard)  were grated and soaked...
....then Adrienne squeezed out every last bit of goodness! 

 Pouring the remaining juice through a nut milk bag.

Bottling:  The bottom of the bucket with 2 pounds of organic raisins left from the wine making.  Because we didn't bottle after 2 weeks as planned, the raisins sat in the apple wine for 5 months.  It could only have improved the final results, right?  =) 

 (click the picture to view it larger)
Recipe from H. E. Bravery's book "Home Wine-Making Without Failures"

See how the color is so similar to the color of Kombucha Tea? You really can't tell which is which- good thing we labeled it!!!

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