Monday, December 5, 2011

Our first duck eggs~

We are getting between 5-8 eggs every morning.

The brown egg is a regular sized chicken egg (from a friend) can see that it is pretty close in size to the duck-pullet eggs on the left of the photo. The large egg on top, is actually about full size for a duck egg! So, one of our girls is laying full size eggs already! =)

Still life~ Duck Eggs.

(Pleas, with the egg basket that his oldest sister gave us- thanks Bess!)
Pleas, decided that fresh eggs are the way to go...he collects the eggs, brings them in cleans 2 and cooks them for breakfast (ducks lay their eggs very early in the morning). He does not want to eat "old" eggs again! (In order to take this photo with so many eggs in it, I persuaded him to eat chicken eggs for just one morning...he did, and said "YUCK"! We've been buying fresh chicken eggs from friends, but they just don't compare!

We've kept chickens for eggs before, three different flocks through the years. We decided we'd try ducks this time and raised them from ducklings. That was a first, we'd always bought young laying chickens.

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