Monday, July 30, 2012

Bottling the wine!

How many McKees does it take to bottle wine?  Three! 

The ring is from the yeasty bubbles that occurred during the fermentation process.

We bought this "Easy Siphon" years ago to use for bottling EM (effective microorganisms).  It works pretty well.  After bottling 4 gallons of wine we bottled 5 gallons of EM.  
(It's time to start another batch of EM!)

 It's a good thing we had so many Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Mineral water bottles around.  The last of each bucket went into canning jars....maybe to be used for cooking?   The dregs in the bucket were pretty thick and very pretty!  Like creamy grape sherbet!   
That went to the compost bin.

Our first try, successful!  Two cases of Muscadine Wine!  Thanks so much, Pat and Arnie! 

We love to try new things!  (Click here to see the first part of the project)

We tried it last night - had a small portion (2 or 3 ounces) on ice, it needed diluting with Pellegrino...much improved...It's sweet and strong...I think it would make a nice Sangria, add some orange and lemon slices....

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Ora Wilcox said...

Good work! Is this your first time making wine? Looks like you had a relatively easy time with it. Bottling the wine is actually one of the more labor intensive tasks in the process, and I'm glad to see you guys had no problem with it at all. As you try out new recipes and possibly increase your wine production, you might want to look up other methods for faster and more convenient wine bottling.

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